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Fred Garrison founded Fred Garrison Oil Company in 1951 as a Fina service station and bulk plant selling gasoline, diesel, lubricants, propane, tires, batteries and other automotive products. In 1960, he became a Texaco distributor and occupied the present headquarters located at 1107 Walter Griffin Street in Plainview, Texas.

Currently, Fred Garrison Oil Company is a distributor of Shell, Conoco, Phillips 66 and other major brand petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, propane, kerosene, naphtha, solvents, motor oils, greases, and other lubricants.

We offer a full range of petroleum products including: Clear Diesel Fuel, Dyed Diesel Fuel, Gasoline Aviation Fuels, Kerosene Naphtha, Propane Antifreeze, Lubricants, Bulk and Prepackaged Solvents.

Fred Garrison Oil Company supplies service stations, convenience stores, truck stops, travel centers, farms, ranches, oil leases, businesses, and individuals in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. We operate a modern fleet of GPS dispatched, bobtail and transport fuel trucks. We are able to provide exemplary service to customers both large and small. If you do not currently have a fueling system, we can provide the expertise and services to get you up and running.

In 2001, Fred Garrison Oil Company began operating under the trade name Allstar Fuel - a Fred Garrison Oil Company. Our new logo and image is visible throughout our service area. We are proud of our sixty year heritage and look forward to a great future serving our customers and providing the highest quality products under one unified banner -- Allstar Fuel.

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